Current Courses

Fall 2018. CEEN 6860 GIS Applications in Water Resources Engineering

Fall 2018. CEEN 4550/5550 Water Resources Planning and Management

Spring 2019. CEEN 6340 Advanced Hydrology

Spring 2019. CEEN 3210 Hydraulic Engineering (co-taught)

Spring 2019. CEEN 2320 Introduction to Civil Engineering Modeling (co-taught)

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is guided by two main principles: (1) student-centered teaching methods that shift the focus from the teacher to the learner and (2) technology enhanced classrooms that properly utilize contemporary technologies to strengthen the student learning experience. I believe that student-centered methods such as active learning, collaborative learning, and inductive teaching methods should be thoughtfully implemented into all instruction. I also believe that technologies, when properly used, have the ability to enhance the student learning experience beyond traditional lecture and learning materials.

Spatial Data Analytics Workshop

January 10-12 2018.

Join undergraduate students across Marquette University at the Spatial Data Analytics Workshop, where you will develop skills sought after by employers, including spatial data collection, analysis and applications. Participants will interact with students, faculty, and Milwaukee GIS professionals during a free 3-day interactive workshop and earn a certificate of completion. Interested students should send a statement of interest and resume to by December 15, 2017. See more information here!